Monday, June 18, 2007

Here we go...

Welcome to my new adventure in Blogging. Now that I'm cleared for takeoff, here I will chronicle my year in Geneva working for WIPO. I'm headed to Cincinnati this weekend for my 30th birthday to visit my family. Then I'll be leaving DC June 29th to visit the Boler's, then driving up to Cincinnati to drop a few things at the home stead. Thanks Mom. After the fireworks extravaganza in Cincinnati on the 4th, I'll be leaving the states on July 7 to head to Paris. After a small layover, I head to Geneva. Hitting the ground running, I must find a place to live, a church, and of course, the local bike routes. Other than finding housing, settling in, trying to get out to France for the Tour as it passes by, and beginning work, my next big adventure is to seek out the hills - and go riding. I intend to ride at least 100 km per hour my first ride. Work begins July 16th.

Happy belated Fathers day!